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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sometimes we just need a break...with really weird friends.

Yesterday I went for an early morning run. As i had said it was my first tempo run ever and it was more mind over matter than physical exertion. I was feeling a little pooped afterward but nothing picks me up like visiting with a good friend: enter Rowan.
     Where can I start, Rowan is...well...she has her own distinct bouquet of sarcasm, acute observation, humor and absurdity. She is also closely related to cousin It...or ZZ Top, but I can't remember which one.

Rowan in one of her more serene moments, having tea and crumpets. How she manages not to get food and drink all over her mane is beyond me.

Before you wonder why I would hang out with someone who has such unusual taxonomy, let's not forget that I am descended from a line of noble Sasquatch (please read race report 2 posts ago).
Rowan is not only my coffee and tea consuming cohort, but she has greatly contributed to my running hobby by encouraging me. She accompanied me to my first half marathon in Cincinnati and put up with my cranky diva-like attitude after the race. So props to her for being such a good friend. (The only thing that sucks is trying to read her facial expressions, her fur makes it hard to pick them out. I never really know what mood she's in).

I sometimes forget how important it is to surround ourselves with peeps that support you and stand behind what you do (even if they can't really see what you're doing, seriously Rowan, shave your face, you'll stop running in to things.)

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